Exotic Escorts

The word ‘Exotic’ depicts ‘originating in or characteristic from a distant foreign country’. When it comes to escorts, it means hot girls who are extraordinary and are not average with the usual background. These beauties have links to lands far away and upon their travel from this place they have brought an array of exclusive […]

The Best Bar And Nightclub Drinking Games

Dudo (Latin America) Legend says that more than 400 years ago, King Atahualpa of the Incas taught the Spanish conquistador Pizarro a game now known as dudo (Spanish for “I doubt”). This game belongs to a family of dice game based on deception, called “liar’s dice” which are popular all over Latin American bars and […]

Meeting A Woman In A Bar Or Nightclub!

The quotation ‘Guys are from When-ever and women are from Where-ever’ is just a confirmed reality any time going to nightclubs and bars worldwide. Be it a major, emotional or social trend; in regards to meeting a special person in the club, or perhaps on the dance floor, males and females simply speak different languages. […]

How To Pickup Guys In Bars And Nightclubs

Interesting question… On the face of it, you might think “well anything short, see through or revealing.” If only it were that simple… As many women as men head out to bars and nightclubs every weekend to pick up guys. Whilst it may not be as obvious to the naked eye, for every guy that […]